Temporary Roof Edge Protection Auckland

Recently introduced safety regulations make temporary roof edge protection mandatory on all construction projects in Auckland and elsewhere in New Zealand. In fact, on any construction project where people are working at height.

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At Save Ya Roofing, we can help you comply with roof edge protection regulations while also making your site safer. We offer fully customised solutions at affordable prices, as well as friendly terms. This includes edge protection systems for hire on a short-term, temporary basis, as well as solutions you need to keep in place for a longer period of time.

We provide industry-leading protection solutions for the edges of roofs on sites across the Auckland area. Protecting the edge of your roof is the most effective and affordable method of complying with the regulations and preventing workers and others from falling from roofs. Get a quote from us today for the solution that you need.

Portable Edge Protection Systems

Different projects and buildings require different roof edge protection systems. At Save Ya Roofing, we have the knowledge and experience to advise you on the best solution based on your requirements, the building involved, and the nature of your project.

The options include portable edge protection systems. Depending on your project, metal guard rails or another type of physical barrier might make a more effective roof edge protection solution.

In other words, you are in safe hands when we provide your solution. Contact us at Save Ya Roofing today on 021 728 392 to get a quote.


The Edge Protection Solution that You Need

Whether you are working on a residential or commercial project, large or small, we can deliver on your requirements. Our experienced team will design a roof edge protection system for the most affordable price possible, then it will be installed by our experienced team. 

Each person on our installation teams is an experienced tradesman and is fully qualified to work at height. They also have experience working on a range of different roof edge protection temporary projects, so they will take whatever precautions are necessary to ensure they can work safely during the installation. They will ensure your installation is completed to the highest possible standard.

Plus, the installation will be fully compliant with your safety standards and NZ-wide regulations.

Making Your Site Safe for Working at Height

It is best to install a protective solution for the edges of your roof early in your project – as early as possible, in fact. The objective is to have the protection in place well before people start working on the roof. It’s also important the installation causes minimal disruption to your project’s timeline.

When you contact us for a solution to protect roof edges, you can be sure of complete reliability. This includes being able to rely on our installation teams turning up on time and completing the installation work efficiently and to the highest possible standards.

Roof Edge Protection New Zealand

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It also includes being able to rely on the quality of the equipment we’ll use to create your system. We use products from leading suppliers to ensure maximum protection and long-lasting performance.

You can rely on our prices too, as we always keep them competitive. To discuss your requirements and to get a quote, please give us a call on 021 728 392.


Safe and informed

The safety of you and your workers is a significant priority for Save Ya Roofing Safety Rails in Auckland. Our highly trained team will ensure that your roof edge protection and safety net rental will result in increased efficiency for your project, while helping ensure it is completed incident-free. 

Meets Department of Labour requirements, and have passed New Zealand and Australia guard railing standards.

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